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Freelancer primarily working on web designing.We provide other IT technical consultancy in Operating System, Cloud Computing(AWS), Open Source and etc.

Our Services

Web Design

Design a website for businesses and individuals by handling the front-end development to taking care of the backend services like hosting and domain. We are also can provide the maintenance service to the website so this service can evolve into a long-term business companionship.

IT Consultancy

Assess the needs of a business and company to determine which IT path would be best suited based on your needs from the servers, storage, cloud, open source solutions and etc.

Cloud Services

Business owners have access to a host of products and solutions including hosted email, business and industry applications, hosted servers and virtual desktops–all at your fingertips.

Why Work With Us?


Display the highest level of professionalism and commitments.


Offer real sustainable solutions that can be applied to solve all your challenges.


Experience profesional with many years of experience and knowledge in IT fields.


World class service with affordable price.Contact us for pricing.

Who Am I?

Full-time IT professional in MNC with more than 18 years of experience in various fields from development, server administration, cloud support, and project management.


The number of clients I'm targetting in 5 years.


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